Bodloesygad cottage in North Wales Architectural Record -dates from 1561

We now have proof that Bodloesygad, or Bodllosgyed as the report calls it, was build in the mid 16th century - 1561 to be precise.

In 2012, Bodloesygad was studied as one of a small group of cottages as part of the North West Wales Dendochronology Project, in partnership with the Royal Commision on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales. Our family received the final report in 2013. Dendochronology is a way of dating buildings by taking samples of wood from the large beams in them. 

From this, the report states the following: ' Bodllosged originated in the middle years of the 16th century. It represents a well-preserved example of a classic  'Snowdonia plan' house and retains a number of features of note, in particular the surviving partition wall at the southern end of the hall is of post-and-panel form and of superior quality with moulded uprights and paried, four-centred doors. Modifications to the primary building are not overly intrusive, and the original plan remains easily readable from the extant fabric. Though the original layout of the first floor level has been lost, the inclusion of stencilled planking within the inserted partition walls (in the small bedroom) is itself of interest and adds to the cumulative historical and aesthetic value of the building ..... Dendochronological analysis has established a date or 1561 or within a yer or two of this date for the construction of the Snowdonia plan house.'

The report dates the stencilled panels to the 18th or early 19th century, when the upstairs layout of the house was modified. Apart from the building of the bathroom, the report states that the downstairs of the building has not been significantly modified since it was first built, with the entrance doorway and hall being unchanged.

The report includes drawings, photographs and lots more technical detail. We can provide a copy for visitors who would like to look at it, though we warn you, it is pretty technical.



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